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Apartment in London

These clients asked for guidance in choosing the ideal apartment rental , after defining it we were able to develop a layout (interior design) so that they could make better use of all spaces in their new home.

Apartment in Curitiba and Barra da Tijuca

In these two projects for architect clients, we were able to transform the environments of their homes and deepen the ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra so that they could start their studies and insert it in their projects in the future.


Sarasvati Yoga Studio

The founders of the Sarasvati Yoga Studio requested consultancy in Vastu Shastra with the intention to bring more well-being to their yoga students and we were able to develop two layout options in order to add more comfort to their visitors.

vAstu Course Level 1 - Inner-Space & Outer From

Curso Vastu Shastra - Ritambhara Level 1 - Espaço Interno & Forma Externa

vAstu Introductory Course - A Path to Harmonious Living

Curso Vastu Shastra - Ritambhara Introdução - O Caminho para Uma Vida Harmoniosa

Trabalho Final de Graduação
Sri Sri Yoga Training 2015
Certificado Ensino Médio
B. Arquitetura e Urbanismo 2015
Green Vastu Diploma 2016
Arquitetura com Sustentab. 2015
Análise/Transformações Urbanas 2018
Tipologias - Parques Urbanos 2018
Infra. Verde e Ecologia Urbana 2018
Certificado Archaton

Let's harmonize something together.

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