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We develop architectural projects to harmonize your home or work environment, bringing more comfort to the inhabitants.

With simple changes, we can
transform lives of those who live there, bringing more functionality and renewing energy in the spaces of your home.



At Personnel Consultancy we went through two stages.
In the first virtual meeting we will get to know you and the space you want to harmonize, be it your home / apartment, office, store, etc.

After the first meeting with the help of the floor plans and photos provided, in addition to the initial conversation, we will set up a project and create solutions based on Vasthu Sastra to harmonize all the environments in this space.

The second meeting will be to present the project and clarify any doubts.




As architects we increasingly perceive the need to not only deliver a beautiful and functional project, but also to be able to deliver a harmonious environment that brings well being in the energy aspect as well.

Still little known in the western world, Vasthu Sastra came to add this element to architectural projects.

In this consultancy done in two meetings, we will analyze the architectural project through floor plans and photos to bring solutions to your client in this aspect.


Consultancy created to help when buying / renting a property.

This consultancy uses the knowledge of Vasthu Sastra when it comes to knowing if a property or land will be a good investment and if it will be a place of happiness and harmony.

Made in two meetings, where in the first we will guide and give tips on the best way to choose a property.

In the second meeting we will analyze the properties presented and from the floor plans and photos we will present the pros and cons of each property.





Julia Ramil

My home has always been my temple and I make a point of looking for guidance to choose the apartment before I move. It is already the third house that I use this support and having the guidance of Urbano Zen to choose our house gives me greater confidence about the harmony of the place and / or how to balance energies and live better. "

Mariana Trezine

"The experience of consulting for my apartment with Urbano Zen went beyond the wonderful guidelines for the care of my home. As I am also an architect and I was starting my studies in Vastu Shastra, I learned a lot from everyone

the sharing of knowledge that Urbano Zen provided.

It was a great gift! "


Viviane Bouços

"Consulting with Urbano Zen was a gift from a friend. At the first meeting, I already noticed the difference of the work offered. Our conversation revolved around the importance of balancing our external home, since it is the reflection of our internal home. Energy of our house influences our daily lives. I was delighted to follow the analysis of each room in my house , the energy of the details and how small changes can improve my emotions. Gratitude !!! "

Let's harmonize something together?

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