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Living in Harmony


"With the idea that architecture is much more than a simple construction, something unique and valuable for people, I picture harmonious spaces for a healthier life.


According to the principles of ancient Indian science Vastu Shastra , these environments bring more positive energies to our lives, uniting and harmonising the mind, the body

and the soul with the environment we live in. "~ Tatiana Alcantara, founder



Urbano Zen aims to harmonize your space bringing more comfort and happiness to people's lives through the development of a personalized project in architecture, landscaping, urbanism and interior design based on the ancestral knowledge of Vastu Shastra.

With simple changes, we can transform and renew the energy of the environments around us.

Our Online Consultancies



Harmonizing your home

Personnel Consultancy is used for a project of a personal space where we will analyze the space and the personal tastes of the client and provide solutions for harmonizing the environments of this house, apartment, office, etc.



Specializing yourself

Professional Consultancy is for all specialists in the areas of Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape Designers, Interior Designers or interested parties who seek this specific knowledge as a new tool and solution for harmonizing the environments in their professional projects.



Your best choice

Real Estate Consultancy helps one to choose the ideal apartment, house or office for buying or renting. Making a better choice in this manner is important to have more prosperity and success in your home and your business.

Let's harmonize something together.

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